A New Dawn

A New Dawn

I began Sir Candle in 2020. The year of a global pandemic, civil unrest, political uncertainty and economic turmoil proved to be a challenging, if not humbling time to start a business. I personally found myself face to face with the lonely reality of an entrepreneur’s life coupled with the challenges of 2020. For me this meant a mix of uncertainty and change, social isolation and battles with anxiety and depression. As a collective, I am in awe of people’s resiliency as we have risen up and continued work towards building a brighter future for all.

To quote Eleanor Roosevelt: “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” I have found that in the midst of darkness there is an opportunity to chart a path that knowingly will not lead back to a world we once knew, but rather leverage our personal power to construct the lives we’ve always dreamt of. We struggle, stumble and fall in the dark. Despite the challenges, when we align to our truest selves and with a little bit of luck and persistence, we not only find solid footing, but can begin to see a new dawn approaching.

Experiencing the world as middle eastern immigrant and member of the LGBTQ community is not an easy task but does prepare you well. I find that the feelings of uncertainty as you break down the life you knew to rebuild one that resembles who you are is not new, but rather an ushering of the next chapter. I committed to pushing my boundaries and exploring my creativity in order to break free from mundane existence and societal pressures to live the most authentic and passionate life possible.

While I always had a love of candles, I found the art & science behind creating them invigorating. That fueled with my passion to construct a kinder and more inclusive future is what enabled me to focus on my mission and the brand of my dreams. Our mission statement below captures this essence, and this is what we are set out to do. 

Sir Candle Mission Statement: Our intention with each handcrafted candle is to transport you to a memorable time and place. Scents have a powerful and uncanny ability to chronicle our memories and are intertwined with personal experiences. Sir Candle is designed to take you on a journey and elevate your environment.

As a socially conscious LGBTQ brand, we strive to make all feel welcome and included. Our foundation we laid out for Sir Candle in all the communities we serve, our mission is to share personal stories and inspire all to be their authentic selves. That is what is fueling our mission in illuminating the world.

As my first year of business is coming to a close, I am in constant awe of the kindness and support from people and communities near and far. Every step I took from my scent development to hand pouring each and every candle, my desire to make a difference through authentic storytelling and positive messaging is reflected in my brand’s core values. Sir Candle aspires to create lasting change illuminating the world.


- Yasir (AKA - Sir Candle)

April 3rd, 2021

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