Who We Are

A quality candle when done right can elevate your environment. The warm amber glow of the flame and an intoxicating scent all wrapped up in a hand-crafted design instantly adds a special element to any experience. Personally, I have found that during the 2020 pandemic candles have been my way of creating a warm and cozy feel in my apartment during a time when most of the comforts we knew were taken from us.​

Scents have a powerful and uncanny ability to transport you to a different time and place. That very experience is at the center of our mission here at Sir Candle. This brand proudly pays homage to the LGBTQ experience and community by weaving in personal stories into fragrant comforting home staples. Our goal is to be inclusive of everyone by bringing you into the world of Sir Candle through scent and shared memories.

Sir Candle | Founded in 2020